Saving Space in Your RV Kitchen

Posted by Stephanie on 5th Oct 2020

Saving Space in Your RV Kitchen

When it comes time to load up the RV for a road trip, many people bring things already found in their home. This includes items for the kitchen. However, many “regular” kitchen items don’t actually work very well in an RV kitchen’s constricted space. Planning ahead and purchasing a few space-saving items specifically for your home on the road will prevent overcrowding.

One terrific cooking product that can save a lot of space is one that performs multiple functions. Multi-cookers act as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure pot, steamer and oven. These all-in-one cookers provide multiple functionality in a single unit. Having this multi-purpose tool instead of several single-use items is a great way to simplify and create more space in your kitchen.

Another way to cut down on unnecessary clutter is to consider using stackable and collapsible food containers and dinnerware. Not only are these a smart choice for tidy storage in a small space, they also are made with unbreakable materials. As much as you may want to eat off your fine china, and display a large salad in a beautiful ceramic serving bowl, it simply isn’t very practical. Not to mention that the odds of these items breaking is considerably higher on the road than at home.

Something else to think about is replacing your standard kitchen faucet for a pull-out model. For efficiency, choose a model that toggles between stream and spray functions. This makes cleaning dishes much easier, as well as giving you the ability to fill large pitchers and buckets that do not fit in your sink.

If your sink cannot accommodate a pull-out sprayer faucet, consider adding a bar faucet. These petite faucets don’t take up a lot of space, but provide all the power you need in your kitchen sink. Much like a pull-out faucet, finding the style and finish best suited for your sink is a cinch. Faucets are relatively easy-to-install, so you can do it yourself.

One more item to add to your RV’s kitchen is a magnetic board that can be adhered to your vehicle’s wall. This can be used to contain magnetic spice bins, as well as cutlery. Utilizing a magnetic board frees up precious counter, drawer, and cupboard space. Additionally, for smaller items it keeps them from sliding around and getting damaged or lost.

The list of ways to make the most out of your RV’s kitchen are never ending. Implementing the above suggestions into your kitchen is a great start to organize with efficiency.