Maintenance of RV Faucets: Because Prevention is the Best Cure!

25th Oct 2017

Maintenance of RV Faucets: Because Prevention is the Best Cure!

A Recreational Vehicle is your gateway to break free from to monotony of your routine life, and explore the world in a little world of your own. These rides, which can also be regarded as mini-homes, are ideal to spend quality time with your loved ones and consolidate the bond that you share with them. However, just like any other vehicle, RVs demand regular maintenance, failing to which you may end up investing a large sum on repairs and replacements; needless to elaborate the probability of a long planned trip going bad.

Besides what’s under the hood, the fixtures used in the interiors of an RV also demand your consideration. Especially when it comes to frequently used fixtures such as faucets, you can never be too careful, regardless of whether your RV has metal or plastic fittings.

So, what needs to be done to maintain RV faucets?

In order to ensure proper maintenance of your RV faucets, you need to first identify the enemies.


Faucets are the main source of water in your RV. However, you need to know that moisture or water droplets left on the surface can be their biggest enemies. Therefore, always wipe clean the faucets after use and make sure there are no water droplets. If you are in a place with a concentration of moisture in the air, it is advisable to use a dehumidifier.

Salt and Mineral Deposits

Salt and other mineral deposits are another major concern when it comes to the maintenance of RV faucets. For starters, you can prevent salt deposits by keeping the faucets dry when not in use. However, if there is already some deposit, do not use any harsh solvent or scrubber. Rather, clean the faucet using a mild soap and a soft piece of cloth. To remove long standing build-up of minerals try a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. However, note that you might also loose the sheen of your finish as well.

Food Chemicals

Although not many people realize this, but the chemicals found in many food items also have the potential to subdue the appeal of polished faucets. Hence, when you use the kitchen faucet of your RV, or dispose any waste, make sure there is not food left behind. Once the utensils are washed, rinse the faucets with water and wipe with a dry piece of cloth.

To conclude, it would be safe to say that by adhering to the above mentioned guidelines, you will be able to ensure the maximum lifespan of your RV’s faucets.

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