Boost Comfort in Your RV

Posted by Janna on 18th Sep 2020

Boost Comfort in Your RV

Comforts! Benefits! Conveniences! The aims of much of my life. The goals of most. Where should we start? There are some clear points of interest to focus on when boosting your recreational vehicle's comfort level. And it's so much fun!

Let's get started. You know how to drive your recreational vehicle and get where you want to go, but there are always bumps in the road, literally and metaphorically. Besides the literal bumpy roads, there is wind from nature and the wind from other huge vehicles throwing you around on your trip. The best upgrade to make for your driving and your camping is more stable is a suspension upgrade. Swapping out those stock anti-sway bars and shock absorbers for better models dramatically reduces the rock and wobble from wind or energetic children. So turn up the music and enjoy a better kind of rock and roll with an enhanced suspension system, increasing the safety and luxury of your "little house on wheels".

Speaking of rock and roll, where do you plug in your devices? Is the outlet in the most out of the reach place? Do you want a little more light here or there? Unwanted shadows or awkward cords are not what we call living with convenience or comfort. So, move or add to the electronic options. Outlets are moveable. Don't rely on where the manufacture put your sockets. Add electronic access and plug-in where you want to plug-in, or don't. There is comfort in options.

Amp up those options! No more traveling just during the optimal weather weeks. Expand and explore with all the needed accommodations for temperature control. Hit the best national park in the offseason and cozy up to your electric fireplace. There are so many ways to add this comfort. My favorite idea is a bar with a fold-out table and a flat-screen heater hidden inside and ready to pop-up at the touch of a button. If you want a more permanent look, you can add a full mantel and electric heater that flickers below Christmas stockings, Valentine hearts, or birthday banners. What else says home away from home better?

We cannot ignore the plumbing when it comes to living with convenience. Maybe you have all the plumbing convenience required for traveling, and now you are reaching beyond the bare basics. A full bathtub is what you need, and it will look great with a lavatory faucet that includes a diverter installed easily on its rim instead of the run of the mill shower/tub combo valve! So beautiful and luxurious! Don't skimp in the kitchen either. You want your kitchen to be inviting and open. One way to add some visual space is to draw the eyes up with a Dura Faucet Hi-Arc Kitchen Faucet - Features a Spring Coiled Spout and Stream and Spray Functions. This faucet is so elegant and eye-catching. Let's not forget the outdoors. After all, you are traveling to see what there is to see in this beautiful world. It is such a benefit to have a quick-connect faucet outside of your RV to keep everything clean and have easily assessable water.

We humans are all about widening our horizons. We all have the contradictions of yearning, stretching, learning with contentment, comfort, and reward that cycles and keeps us feeling alive. In our individual ways, we need to continue to make improvements to our situations and ourselves. Enjoy the journey.