4 Ways To Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

Posted by Stephanie on 21st Sep 2020

4 Ways To Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

They don’t call it a mobile “home” for nothing. The whole point of RVing is traveling in comfort. Otherwise, you’d just take a car, hit a series of motels and call it a day, right?

When you take a road trip in an RV, you bring your very own accommodations along with you. You know exactly where you’ll sleep each night and which cabinet door you need to fumble with when it’s time for coffee in the morning. Your rig is supposed to feel like a home away from home! Making a few simple modifications can really up the comfort factor.

RV lights may not give you a home-like feel. Try getting lights that are better and give you a home-like feel. Lights can make a lot of difference, it can change your mood. Just like how you would pay special attention to lights for your home bedroom, give it a try for your RV as well.

Reassessing your plumbing accessories is another way to approach adding more comfort to your mobile space. A pull-down kitchen faucet that has a single-lever to adjust temperature and water flow saves space and makes sense. Try to find one that has a lock bar for fastening the spout, and a spring sprayer head that toggles from aerated and spray streams. This will make cleaning of dishes a lot easier, as well as providing a simpler way to fill large pitchers and buckets.

For the shower, consider getting an attachment that provides the same shower experience as home. A premium shower wand made specifically for RVs will take your shower from ho-hum to just like home. Their lightweight construction is ideal for motorhomes, 5th wheels, trailers, and campers. A versatile design blends with all shower styles. You can choose from soft, massage, and hard spray options. Comes with an eco-friendly on/off switch for easy switchover for water conservation. This is an important feature when you need to conserve water.

For the outside of your rig think about adding an exterior quick connect sprayer utility dock with seven settings. These come with a 15-foot coiled hose for easy cleaning of just about anything. This kit has been designed for a quick no-hassle connection between the sprayer hose and water source. The external utility spray dock will mount flush while remaining unassuming on your vehicle. Easily clean off all your gear, yourself, and the dog, before entering your vehicle to ensure it stays clean.

Speaking of the dog, you can provide them with a little more comfort in your home on the road. If you’re bringing a furry friend on your RV road trip, consider building a small pet bunk into your RV where your pet can sleep, play with toys, and enjoy their meals! By giving your dog or cat a place to call their own, they’ll be more likely to stay relaxed throughout your drive. Plus, they will have a space that is all theirs. What animal doesn’t want that?

Making small changes to your RV really can make your drive and stay in your vehicle more comfortable. So comfortable that you may have a hard time leaving your home on wheels to explore the destination you have traveled to!